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Do you know how to samba? You should not be surprised to know that this clueless and somewhat awkward gringo doesn’t have a clue, so you can calm down if you thought I was was going to show you a video of me giving it a try.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all Brazilians are passistas (expert samba dancers) either. In fact I’ve seen a few Brazilian bloggers who have posted the following:



I find this message comforting. If not all Brazilians know how to samba then it seems perfectly acceptable that I don’t have a clue either.

However, I have just spent a few minutes checking out some instructional videos and it turns out it may not be completely impossible. Take a look at this clear demonstration:


How to Samba



Simple right?! OK, so let’s take a look at someone sambando in the wild! I did quite a bit of filming at the bloco on Sunday – especially once the crazy rain came down. When I looked over the footage yesterday, one person jumped out at me. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’m pretty sure the girl in the green shorts is doing it right!



Looking at that I start to think maybe it is impossible after all…


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  1. Ana Fonseca
    Ana Fonseca says:

    Ui, link pro meu blogueto, que bafo ! Estou de greve, fui sequestrada por disco voador, fui buscar um mocoto ali na esquina… Brigada de toda forma pela apoio, um dia eu volto. Ha !


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