Mar 25

Photo Post: Eat Rio Graffiti!

Last week we had a couple of guests from Colombia staying with us. One of these guests was a graffiti artist from Bogotá who goes by the name of Dast. Those of you who have picked up on my street art obsession will not be surprised to hear that I was rather excited about the idea of having a real-life grafiteiro to stay. Not just that, but Dast just so happens to do some very cool, geometrically themed graffiti – check it out.

A few hours after Dast and his friend left, Mrs Eat Rio and I decided to go out for a stroll. We hadn’t got more than a few minutes from our house when we turned a corner and saw this:


My very own piece of Eat Rio Graffiti! I had no idea about this until I turned a corner and saw it! A very nice surprise!


Wow! Dast had very kindly added an Eat Rio dedication to his fine work. Of course art appreciation is a subjective matter, but in my opinion at least, Dast also did everyone a favour as this gate had previously been covered in some really annoying scrawlings. I accept the fact that I could be a little biased on this matter…

This kind of art is ephemeral and I have no idea whether this will last a week, a month or a year, but I must confess that seeing it gave me a little glow of pride. Many thanks to Dast – come again soon!


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  1. The Gritty Poet

    Dast pretty cool.

    1. tomlemes

      He is Gritty (and so was your comment 😉 )

  2. Rachel

    That is so awesome!!!

    1. tomlemes

      Yeah, I was really pleased/flattered! Secretly hoping other graffiti artists will follow suit… 😉

  3. Rachel

    Coooool!!! :)

    1. tomlemes

      Yeah! :) We really like seeing it now when we are coming home – like a little welcome sign or something :)

  4. Malvina

    sooo cool! I’m so jealous! Back in the day I wrote my undergrad thesis on graffiti. It’s had a special place in my heart (and eyes) ever since.

    1. tomlemes

      Hee hee, I was really excited and happy to see it. I think of it now as ‘my graffiti’ which is probably overstating things quite a bit! But after all my obsessing over the graffiti here in Rio it was a really touching gesture.

      p.s. you wrote a thesis on graffiti? That’s awesome. Man, I knew I chose the subject to study! :)

  5. Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I too am obsessed with street art. I like that one 😀

    1. tomlemes

      Me too! But like I said, of course I’m more than a little biased! 😉

      Will you be visiting São Paulo? The street art there is really amazing. Also, like it or loathe it, the pixação there is really interesting.

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