Aug 12

Photo Post: Brazilian Jumping Spider

Hi everyone – nice weekend? I made a couple of rather delicious discoveries that will need to be written up when I can find a moment. In the meantime, take a look at this cool jumping spider that I spotted hopping about on the roof yesterday.


Apologies to the arachnophobes out there. Hopefully it will help you to know that this is an extreme close-up. This little fellow is just 1cm across.




I know it looks a bit tarantula-esque, but fear not people – unlike the Brazilian Wandering Spider (the world’s most venomous and aggressive spider) which has a penchant for hiding in bunches of bananas, this little fellow is harmless to humans. I think it’s rather a fine looking spider, though not quite up there with the Most Beautiful Spider in the World that I spotted in Bahia last year.

OK, that’s all for now. Next post I’ll be telling you about this weekend’s tasty discovery (I promise it will be a spider-free post!).


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  1. Mauricio

    I had never seen a “papa-moscas” this close. Nice pic!

    1. tomlemes

      Ooh, “papa-mosca”? What a funny name – like ‘Pope-fly’? 😀

      1. Bruno Kinoshita

        Like eat-fly.

        Papa in this case is third person of papar/comer. Baby food, like those podridges in a small glass pot are called ‘papinhas’ or ‘papinhas de bebê/nenêm’.

        1. tomlemes

          Thanks Bruno! :) I see that Papa-Mosca has gone into the Speak Like a Brazilian word list!

  2. The Gritty Poet

    Pope-fly, lol! That one is going straight to the archives. Please inform us when encountering a Rabbi fly. And never, never leave him and the Mullah fly together without supervision :-)

    1. tomlemes

      Hee hee! As the man says, “I have the intellectual confidence to appear stupid sometimes…” 😉

  3. Tracy

    Beautiful shots, Tom!

    1. tomlemes

      Thanks Tracy! You should see how many shots were blurred – these little spiders don’t stay still for long! 😀

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