Nov 27

Organic delivery in Rio

A little while ago I posted a photo on the Eat Rio Facebook page of a rather unusual avocado which appeared to be 8.5 months pregnant…


Yes, I felt that you guys needed to see this fascinating photo of an avocado. Ground-breaking stuff right? I’m pretty sure the blog equivalent of a Pulitzer prize is just around the corner…


The ‘Preg-ocado’ (Portuguese: Grávidabacate) came to me in something rather exciting – an organic grocery delivery!

I love to grow plants – my window-boxes and roof-terrace are currently home to chilli peppers, herbs and even a couple of fruit trees – but I don’t have the space or time for lettuces, avocados and green beans, etc. So when Mrs Eat Rio told me she had heard there was a guy delivering organic produce in Rio, I was keen to know more.

The details I got at the time were a bit sketchy, but I have since been able to find a bit more information. The service is run by a guy called Paulo Abreu. Paulo has an organic farm up in Teresópolis (around 100km north of Rio) and is a regular at an organic market called Feira Agroecológica de Teresópolis which runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Feira Agroecológica de Teresópolis


I’m a big fan of markets in general and this looks like a good one, with a wide variety of produce and also music and other good things going on.


From time to time the Feira sets up a seed bank for visitors to exchange seeds and seedlings.


Sadly we can’t all make it to Teresópolis for our organic groceries so one alternative is Paulo’s delivery service. This is pretty low-tech – there’s no on-line ordering, on-line payment or even a website. But when things are simple there is less to go wrong! To order from Paulo, all you need is a spreadsheet and an email address (see the bottom of this post).

Once you’ve emailed your order, Paulo’s son Mario drives the produce into Rio twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and he very kindly even brought the bags up to our kitchen as part of his delivery service! One rather nice aspect of all this is the price – I haven’t done a thorough price comparison, but at a glance the prices look reasonable.

I’m guessing that some of the items on the list are only available at certain times of year, but may I just highlight the fact that Limão Galego is on the list? At R$5 for a dozen, you need never be without a spectacular caipirinha again!




You can download Paulo Abreu’s order form here!

Download (XLS, 38KB)



If you prefer to do your organic shopping at an actual market then check out the organic market in Glória on Saturday mornings.  

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  1. John Napper

    Thanks Tom.

    1. tomlemes

      No worries John!

  2. The Gritty Poet

    I hear other kinds of greenery are also available for delivery in Rio . . .

  3. Rachel's Rantings in Rio

    Great tip! I hope Paulo is giving you a discount for this ;)

    I just shared it with all my expat Momma friends

    1. tomlemes

      Ha ha! He should do! :) I should have given you all one of those referral codes so I could go and lean on Paulo for some extra agrião in our next delivery!

  4. Nicolás

    Fala Tom! tudo bem aí?
    abri a planilha só pra ter uma ideia dos preços das coisas por aí, pois em janeiro vou tirar férias e devo ir ao Rio, quem sabe, até não faço um dos eatrio tours se tiver um tempinho?
    Porém, voltando à planilha, achei umas siglas que não consigo deduzir o significado, você sabe o que elas significam?

    I opened the spreadsheet just to have an idea about the prices of the things there in Rio, as in january I will be taking vacations and should go to Rio, and who knows? maybe if I have some time I can do one of your eatrio tours..
    But, going back to the spreadsheet, I just found there are a few acronyms that I can’t figure out their meaning, if you do know what they mean, could you shed some light on this for me please?

    ML – ???
    BJ – bandeja?
    PC – pacote?

    Thanks in advance! (and excuse me for my bad english..)

    1. tomlemes

      Oi Nicolás! Didn’t I already tell you that there must be no apologies for bad English on this blog! ;) And anyway, your English is great! I don’t have much time, otherwise I would reply in my own rather bad Portuguese…

      Great to hear you are coming to Rio – definitely drop me a line when you’re free and we’ll see if we can arrange a tour (or at least some beers/caipirinhas!). I agree with your guesses for the acronyms – I think ML could be ‘molho’ which can mean “bunch” as well as the better known “sauce”.

      1. Nicolás

        ih! tá vendo? já tá sabendo mais português do que eu (não que eu seja o Aurelio Buarque de Hollanda).
        Contudo, isso é que dá não falar português cotidianamente, acaba esquecendo as coisas: agora que você falou em molho caiu a ficha! ML só pode ser isso mesmo, acho. Como quase nunca uso molho no sentido de “bunch” tinha esquecido completamente, valeu mesmo!

        E pode deixar que quando tiver a viagem confirmada te mando um mail pra gente ver se dá pra combinar alguma coisa.

        Bom final de semana e até mais!

        1. tomlemes

          Hee hee! :)

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