Nov 27

Photo Post: Rio Rainbow

So there I was, up on the roof watering the plants, when I looked up and noticed that the clouds that had been gathering for the last couple of hours had started to clear. It was getting late in the day and I had been wondering if it would rain, but then the sun kind of peeped through below the clouds and lit up the Sugarloaf. I ran to get my camera. I know I bombard you guys with a lot of photos of my local monolith, but it is rather photogenic I’m sure you’ll agree.


When conditions are right, the sun lights up the face of sugarloaf and makes it look extra magnificent.


So, I was just about to put my camera down and get back to the plants when I looked over towards the bay and noticed a weird patch of rainbow in the sky. It clearly wasn’t raining anywhere, yet here was a small patch of rainbow!


“That’s weird” I thought. I kept watching it…

Not hugely remarkable – maybe there was a weird isolated shower over in that direction? Anyway, I kept watching and it started to get bigger and weirder…


Hmmm, that’s not really a normal rainbow is it? It’s more like some kind of weird prismed-up skybow (it’s my blog, I’ll use words like ‘prismed-up’ if I like).


Then I looked up! You’ll have to tilt your head for this next one, but hopefully you’ll get the basic idea.


In the words of the Double Rainbow guy, “Woah!!”


As I asked myself “What does it mean?” and exclaimed “Double rainbow, all the way!”, I did a quick set of shots to be stitched together (this is a composite of around 6 photos – check out the tiny Sugarloaf at the bottom right to get a sense of the scale here):

You can click this one to see it in higher resolution.


I’m not sure this really captures how lovely it was, but hopefully it gives you an idea. For once the Sugarloaf was upstaged!


As all this was going on, I glanced behind me and saw the whole other half of the sky had gone orange! What an amazing way to end the day.



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  1. Eleanor


  2. Virginia


  3. Shaun

    Nice pic of a prismed-up skybow you’ve got there.

    1. tomlemes

      Ha ha! Nice to see you’re using the approved lingo there Shauny! :)

      p.s. I just looked ‘skybow’ up and apparently it’s like clay pigeon shooting but using bow and arrows. Looks quite fun actually! Also, some kind of mad spinning kite… Skybow.

  4. Cristina Landi

    Hi, stutnning photos!! Your view is really photogenic! Unfortunately I was off Rio yesterday and didn`t enjoy this amazing sky!! Great photos!

    1. tomlemes

      Thanks Cristina! :) Yes, we are very lucky with our view.

  5. The Gritty Poet

    The rainbow is high.

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