Apr 22

The Chowzter Awards in London



I love England in the springtime!


Well, it’s that time of year again – I’ve soaked up a few last rays of sunshine and I’ve packed my bags (not forgetting my umbrella!) for what promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable few days in London.

The last few times I’ve visited England it’s been in the depths of midwinter, so I’m really excited to be seeing a genuine springtime for the first time in a few years. Rio has some wonderful weather but it doesn’t really do a proper spring.

But I’m not going back just to enjoy the seasonal weather – I have work to do!

And what work! I’m heading back to the city I used to call home for the Chowzter World Food Awards. The food obsessed gluttons at Chowzter are gathering many of the ‘Chief Chowzters’ from around the world for a food-filled weekend which will include such delights as The Steak Symposium (have you ever heard such a mouth-watering trio of words?).



Ok, now I don’t want to start alienating you guys by wallowing in my good fortune, but that does sound rather good doesn’t it? After a variety of other food related preliminary events, the main awards (in categories such as ‘Best Sandwich/Burger’ and ‘Best Rice Dish’) will be announced on Sunday night. Sadly nothing from Rio received a nomination this year, but I believe São Paulo is in with a chance, so I’ll be rooting for them out of solidarity.

The other thing to mention for people in Rio is that there is a cool bloggers get together this Thursday. It is being organised by The Rio Times and being held at The Gringo Café in Ipanema. This will be the latest in a series of ‘get togethers’ and should be a lot of fun and also a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people writing (especially blogging) about Rio. You can get more details here. Sadly I can’t be there this time as I’ll be in London, but if you can make it, you’re sure to have a stimulating evening (and they have cheap drinks!).

Ok, my plane leaves in a moment so I’d better stop now. Seeing as I completely forgot to mention it, I’ll wish you a belated happy Easter and leave you with my most ‘Eastery’ image. Back next week!


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  1. The Gritty Poet

    All this talk of spring, England, and meat reminds me of my favorite Woodsworth poem “I Wondered Lonely as a Steak”. This in turn brings back memories of the contempt often displayed by my old High School English Lit professor towards my readings and recitals (he was a Brit, humm – probably a pronunciation purist and accent snob).
    Boa Viagem.

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