Jun 13

World Cup 2014 day 1: post-match


On my way to the game, I saw that even the dogs were getting in on the act.


Well, things didn’t quite go as scripted for Brazil: an underwhelming performance, an own goal, a very dubious penalty decision and many people saying that Neymar should have received a red card. However, the score finished 3-1 and Brazil have the expected 3 points.

I was planning to watch the game at the FIFA Fanfest on the beach in Copacabana, so I hopped on the bus. I decided to stop off in Ipanema first to see what the World Cup atmosphere was like. With just a couple of hours to kick off, the beaches were eerily empty.


Where is everybody? Getting comfortable in front of a TV somewhere…


If you like deserted beaches, head to Ipanema in the run-up to a Brazil game.


As I arrived in Copacabana, I joined a huge phalanx of fans dressed in yellow and green, making its way to the Fanfest area.


That’s why the beaches in Ipanema were empty – everyone was walking through Copacabana on their way to the Fanfest.




Little did I know at this point that the main Fanfest area was superlotado…


When I arrived at the Fanfest, the event was completely overcrowded, so my friends and I headed to a nearby bar to watch the game.

Whilst watching the game, I made a little self-discovery: although I generally hope Brazil do well, it seems I don’t really support them. How else can I explain the fact that when that own goal went in, I caught myself sniggering? Sorry brasileiros, but it was pretty funny given the circumstances (and I’m sure you’ll have your chance to laugh at my countrymen before long…).

Well, I was just about to finish off with something like “All in all, I feel like this cup has yet to catch fire…”, but as I type, Robin van Persie just scored an absolute beauty. Game on!


Someone made a few cheeky changes to this long-standing Santa Teresa mural. Check out Lionel Messi crying into his shirt on the left. Wishful thinking?



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  1. The Gritty Poet

    Yeah, about my Spain prediction I meant when using their red jersey. And I stand by my Croatia being the underdog that does well statement.

    1. tomlemes

      Ha ha ha! That was a demolition. Must have been a tough viewing experience for the Spanish.

  2. The Gritty Poet

    Shame about England last night: they deserved at least a tie. Costa Rica whacking Uruguay was great. Now excuse me as I root for Honduras (or against France to be more precise).

    1. tomlemes

      Yeah, same old story with England – a fairly entertaining game and not a terrible performance but not quite getting the result. Still, some promising performances from some of our youngsters. Now I’m heading out to support Bosnia (or anti-support Argentina to be more precise 😉 )

    1. tomlemes

      Yes, Germany did a great job and the USA have to be happy with that result – looking good to go through now. I’m hoping that Germany and Holland meet at some point – that would be a very interesting match up.

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