Join us on our veranda in beautiful Santa Teresa for a 3 hour degustação (tasting) of carefully selected Brazilian wines and artisanal cheeses.  A laid back and delicious way to learn about Brazil’s little-known wine culture while drinking in one of the most breath-taking views in the city.

Excellent Brazilian wines do exist!

When it comes to drinks in Brazil, many people get the impression that there are just two options: beer or caipirinha. But while it’s true that Brazil’s wine industry hasn’t got the reputation of nearby Argentina and Chile (yet), we’re happy to report that there are excellent Brazilian wines just waiting to be discovered.

Wine drinking culture here is still in its infancy, so most bars and restaurants have small selections of low quality (or extortionately-priced) imports. Because of this we decided to create a Brazilian wine tasting experience to showcase fantastic Brazilian wines which reflect this country’s unique history and climate.

A tasting of carefully selected Brazilian wines, led by professional sommeliers

We at Eat Rio are massive fans of wine, but when it comes to wine tasting, enthusiastic amateurs won’t do. Our Brazilian wine tastings are led by professional sommeliers who have a wide-ranging knowledge of Brazilian and international wines (they also happen to be friendly and fun – it’s not such a serious business!). During the course of this 3 hour experience, you will learn about every aspect of Brazilian wine, from the grape varieties and wine making techniques to the growing regions and history of wine in Brazil. During the session you will taste Brazilian red, white, sparkling and rosé wines.

Another secret waiting to be discovered: Brazilian cheeses

Like Brazilian wines, Brazilians cheeses have not yet gained an international reputation, but we are confident that this is set to change. Forget the bland stuff served up with your hotel breakfast! Through our direct contacts with local cheese makers and merchants who champion the very best artisanal producers, we source beautiful, raw-milk (unpasteurized) cheeses full of flavour and character. These are served with locally baked sourdough bread and other nibbles and snacks to perfectly complement the wines.

Drink in a truly breath-taking view

Our Brazilian wine tastings are held on an elegant, spacious veranda in a beautiful house in the hills of Santa Teresa. Even by Rio’s standards, the view is absolutely mind-blowing! Gaze across the rooftops and forested hills to Guanabara Bay and the majestic Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s the perfect location to enjoy a tranquil afternoon of Brazilian wine and food.

At a glance

Days: Monday-Saturday

Start time & duration: The experience starts at 2pm and lasts approx 3 hours

Price: Prices vary according to season and group size – please contact us for an up-to-date price

To make a reservation: Send us a message with the following information:

  • What date(s) you are interested in;
  • The names of everyone in your group;
  • Whether there are any dietary restrictions.

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