Join us on our brand new Rio Bar Food Tour! Rio is famous for its nightlife and bar culture but if you wander aimlessly through the touristy beach neighbourhoods you’re likely to end up drinking bad caipirinhas, eating crappy food and paying rip-off tourist prices for the pleasure. Surely there must be more to a night out in Rio than this?

We’ll take you to bars and botecos you’d never find on your own

There are amazing bars and restaurants all over Rio, but you need to know where they’re hidden. As the Lonely Planet writer covering Rio, it is my job to know the best bars and restaurants in town, from gritty dive bars to local microbreweries, from funky concept bars to authentic live samba clubs. And after years of running Rio’s top-rated culinary walking tours, I’ve put together an eating and drinking, bar-hopping night-time experience that will take you away from all the touristy trash so you can get a feel for the real bar culture of Rio.

Over the course of 4+ hours, you’ll leave the touristy Zona Sul areas behind to visit a selection of awesome spots in the north part of the city (an area rarely visited by tourists). As the evening goes by you’ll drink locally brewed artisanal beers, perfectly mixed caipirinhas, zingy and potent batida fruit shots, a selection of cachaças and anything else that takes your fancy. So it’ll be a boozy night for sure, but you won’t be drinking on an empty stomach!

Brazilian bar food

At every stop there will be delicious Brazilian food – from tasty traditional bar snacks to exotic Brazilian fruits and innovative new creations from up-and-coming young chefs. The emphasis will be on variety and that’s where the small-group format works so well – portions here are huge so doing this as part of a group means you’ll be able to try lots more dishes compared to doing it alone. You’ll also get to meet and hang out with like-minded people who want to experience the real deal instead of the tacky, touristy stuff.

Finishing up with samba in the heart of Lapa

As the experience draws to a close, we’ll head back to Lapa (the beating heart of Rio’s nightlife – bars and clubs abound!). You’ll get free entry into one of the best samba clubs in the city so you can enjoy awesome live samba surrounded by locals. Before we say goodbye, we’ll leave you with a final caipirinha – you’ll be perfectly warmed up to continue your night out.  And whenever you start flagging it’ll be a quick taxi ride back to your accommodation).

What it’s not!

The Rio Bar Food Tour is not a spring break style bar crawl! We won’t be playing drinking games, holding our noses while knocking back hideous cheap spirits or barfing in the back of taxis. At no point will anyone chant “Chug! Chug! Chug!”. Instead it’ll be an awesome boozy, foodie, fun night out with amazing food and drinks and some great chats thrown into the mix. As well as the bar food tour itself, I’ll give you personalised recommendations for the best bars, restaurants, live music venues, daytime activities and lots more. You’ll be set up for the rest of your time in Rio.

At a glance

Format: You pay a single price and then we’ll take care of everything

Days and start times: Tuesday (7pm)
Wednesday (7pm)
Thursday (7pm)

Tour duration: Approx 4.5 hours

Price: Prices vary according to season and group size – please contact us for an up-to-date price

To make a reservation: Send us a message with the following information:

  • What date(s) you are interested in;
  • The names of everyone in your group;
  • Whether there are any dietary restrictions.

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