The Beach

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Leblon and Ipanema on a busy Saturday afternoon.


Leblon beach, taken from Pontal do Leblon.


The iconic Matte Leão uniform.


My favourite beach snack: Queijo Coalho grilled over glowing coals and sprinkled with oregano.


The bikini seller passes by as this old lady snoozes.


Making a small adjustment!


The guy with the feather earrings.


In the middle of the day, everyone needs an umbrella (well nearly everyone).


The trademark black and white pavement/sidewalk of Ipanema.


Beach football as the sun sets.


Hazy sunset.


Playing on the beach.


The sun disappears behind the Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) in Leblon.


Frigate birds are never too far from the coast.


As the sun fades, Vidigal favela lights up.


After dark the beach is lit by powerful lights (and the moon).


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