From time to time I’ll add a new gallery and let you know about it on the Eat Rio Facebook page. Now that you’re here please have a little browse around and feel free to boost my ego by telling me what a great photographer I am! 😉


Nothing to do with that hilarious film starring Michael Keaton, this it a little photographic gimmick that still tickles me. Set up tripod, take a bunch of photos, overlay the images. View Gallery



These zippy little fellows are frequent visitors to parks and gardens in Rio. Their lightning fast flight, punctuated by brief moments of stillness, has been a real test for my camera and my reflexes! View Gallery


Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

Considered the world’s largest Art Deco statue and certainly the most famous in Brazil, this city icon looks great from every angle. View Gallery


The Beach

It’s hard to think of Rio without thinking of its beaches – this is a city where men routinely wander around the supermarket in nothing more than a sunga (speedos), where you can step out of your office and bump into a kid wandering past with a surfboard. Cariocas have beach-going down to a fine art – when I go, I take a camera. View Gallery



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