Lorenzo’s is a place I discovered quite recently and it has rapidly become a favourite. The design is clean and simple, yet has enough warmth and personality to make you feel comfortable. It’s not cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for – top quality ingredients, beautifully prepared.

The menu is a mix of French and Italian dishes, with wonderful touches like the delicious cover/entrée of whole roasted garlic, golden focaccia and radishes (I know that sounds strange – seriously, it’s a great combination). At Lorenzo you can enjoy treats that rarely show up on other menus in Rio – scallops anyone? For carnivores there is a huge T-Bone steak, lamb and on Sundays they serve a special of roasted kid (young goat). As for recommendations, my wife wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t mention the whole roast chicken which she maintains is the best she’s ever had. The staff are friendly and efficient without getting in the way.

They also have a delicatessen, Casa Carandaí, just around the corner if you want to pick up goodies for home or just enjoy a cup of coffee and something sweet.

Pros: Great food and service in a stylish, tranquil location.

Cons: You can rack up a hefty bill if you get carried away and opt for that second bottle of wine (we did!).

Expensive: 4/5

Address: Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 2  –  Jardim Botânico

Telephone: +55 (21) 3114-0855

Website: http://www.lorenzobistro.com.br