As unlikely as it sounds, I was tipped off about Quitéria by an Olympic rower who was taking one of my culinary tours! A few weeks later, once the dust from the Olympics had settled, I followed up on her recommendation and immediately kicked myself for not having visited this fantastic restaurant before.

I have since visited Quitéria on multiple occasions and (so far) have not had a dud dish or bad experience. Chef Christian Garcia constructs exquisite dishes which are as gorgeous to look at as they are to eat. There are five- and seven-course tasting menus, as well as an excellent à la carte menu with strong use of Brazilian ingredients such as pirarucu, jiló and pupunha.

On my most recent visit the stand-out dish was a beautifully tender chunk of prime rib, sitting atop a mound of buttery aubergine (eggplant) and surrounded by a port and ossobuco gravy so rich and concentrated that I was tempted to ask for a spoon (Mrs Eat Rio overruled me on this, though the service is so friendly and efficient that I’m sure they would have obliged).

Quitéria is an excellent option for a special occasion lunch or dinner. And while it’s not exactly cheap, in the context of Rio’s crazy prices it feels like great value.

Pros: Beautiful dishes that actually deliver on taste; reasonably priced by Rio’s standards.

Cons: If you want a lively atmosphere there are better places (try Zazá Bistro or Venga).

Price: 4/5

Address: Rua Maria Quitéria, 27 – Ipanema

Telephone: +55 21 2267 4603