Three women on walls

Today I wanted to show you three more beautiful women from Rio, but hopefully today’s offerings will prove a little less controversial! I’ll start off with a woman I have been admiring for a the last couple of weeks. My daily journey takes me through Praça General Osório, one of the main squares in Ipanema. Each morning I have been in a rush to catch the bus and so whilst I’ve gazed longingly, I’ve never found time to take a photo. Last night I decided to go after work instead. Not what you’d call perfect lighting, but the shadows from the nearby gate add a certain je ne sais quoi don’t you think?


I haven’t looked into who “DP” is yet, but I would like to offer him/her huge congratulations. A beautiful image. **UPDATE** It isn’t “DP”, it is “Di”, the signature of Di Couto. I met her in a bar a few months back and she was very nice!

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ASSets and Academias

Ideas for blog posts usually pop into my head when I’m on my way to work. Sometimes I spot something going on and decide to do some investigation, other times the subject of the post actually gets on the bus and takes the seat in front of me. There have been occasions when a little undercover filming/photography was required and at those time I fearlessly pursue the image in order to present it to you, my dear readers.

Well a combination of these things came together recently and allows me to finally write about something I’ve had on my list for a long time. Carioca women have a very distinctive style when they’re going to/from the academia (gym). Like I said, I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages, but I had one big problem – images!

Put yourself in my shoes – if I want to tell you about this then I really need to be able to show you what I’m talking about. “Fine,” you say, “so go to a gym and take a few photos”. This is where we get to the problem. Hanging around outside a gym, taking photos of women doesn’t look good does it? I played with the idea of approaching some gym-goers and explaining why I needed a photo, but again, it just sounds a bit weird doesn’t it?

And so the idea hit a stumbling block. Until a few days ago when I was walking to the Metro station and a girl came out of a door in full gym gear and strode briskly down the street just a few metres in front of me. I realised that this was my chance to whip my phone out and take my chance.

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What do Pelé, Senna and Happy Birthday have in common?

For anyone who has been living on the moon for the last 60 years I should explain, Pelé was Brazilian footballer – people generally agree that he was rather good. Ayrton Senna is widely regarded as the greatest Formula One driver of all time. But these two have more in common than their status as Brazilian sporting icons. Despite being born 20 years apart (Pele 1940, Senna 1960) they both dated the same girl.

Xuxa da Graça Meneghel, better known as just Xuxa. Her name is pronounced Shoosha.


And yet Xuxa is known in Brazil as a personality in her own right. As you can probably guess, looking at her picture above, she started out as a model.

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Sexy times at the airport

I know. Airports aren’t generally thought of as sexy places. I guess there must be a few ‘aerophiles’ out there, a few lonely people who sit for hours on end identifying passenger jets and writing down aircraft registration numbers in books. But for the rest of us, visiting an airport is a fairly unexciting experience of waiting for people or planes.

Well here in Rio there is another, infinitely more tedious experience waiting for you at the airport: the offices of the Polícia Federal (PF). The Federal Police are responsible for dealing with visa applications and other issues related to estrangeiros (foreigners) and my wife and I have spent many, many hours sitting, waiting, pleading and complaining in their offices. Maybe I will bore you another day with a more detailed account of my experiences at the PF, but for now let’s just say that it’s a painful experience and usually leads to stress, exasperation and arguments.

‘So where does the sexy part come in?’ I hear you demand with libidinous impatience. Well that’s where this smoky-voiced lady comes in…

This was Íris Lettieri back in 1974. She has a sexy voice.



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