What is it?

Helio Ricardo is the founder and principal instructor at Rio Samba Dancer. Helio’s ‘Samba Experience’ involves teaching small groups how to dance samba or forró in a professional dance studio in Copacabana. After your class, Helio then takes you out to a Samba Club or Samba School to put everything you’ve learnt into practice!

Rio samba dancer

Helio and a group of happy sambistas

What is it like?

Helio is Brazilian, speaks excellent English and Spanish and most important of all, is a very nice guy. He is also a registered tourist guide and can give lots of great tips on places to go out in Rio.

The dance classes are fun, informal and have been specifically designed for the beginner in mind – no prior dance experience is required. You can sign up to do the dance lessons only, but most people opt to combine the lessons with a night out on the town – either dancing to live samba music in a lively samba club or visiting a samba school (on Saturdays). In most cases, the dance class lasts 1 hour and then the night at the samba club runs from 9pm – 1.30am or even later. Rio Samba Dancer is one of the most popular Rio activities listed on TripAdvisor – check out the reviews here.

Rio samba dancer

All dance classes are carried out in professional dance studios in Copacabana.

Rio samba dancer

About to put what they learnt earlier into practice!

Booking and Prices

To make a booking and see complete up to date details, go to the Rio Samba Dancer website. Prices as of October 2014:

Dance class only (group): R$70

Dance class only (private): R$200 for 1 person or R$150 for 2 people

Dance class + Samba Night Tour: R$180 (this includes entrance fee for the samba club)