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Hello World! In case you’re interested, here’s a little about me:

My family and I travelled a lot when I was young: most of Europe, Egypt, Jerusalem, The Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa. From an early age I was introduced to diverse cultures and delicious foods and this gave me the desire to discover more. As you may have noticed, the list of countries above doesn’t include any from Latin America and it was for this reason that I set out in 2009 on a 4 month trip to what my father referred to as “The Unknown Continent”.

Tom climbing mountains in Argentina

The adventures included climbing mountains (Argentina)…


…trekking through jungles (Colombia)…

…and deserts (Chile)…

…exploring markets (Guatemala)…

…and crossing sand dunes (Brazil)

After 4 months I decided to rip up my return ticket and continue the adventure. I never looked back! I met a wonderful Brazilian girl in Nicaragua and now, almost four years after I left London, I find myself married to that girl and living in her native Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is an adventure that is continually unfolding. There are plenty of challenges – the language, the isolation from my friends and family back in England, the cultural differences to name a few. But every week I discover something new – new words and phrases, neighbourhoods, the history, the politics, the music and the food!

I’ve been here in Rio since 2010 and although I’ve learned a lot, I still have a lot to learn. So I have decided, as they say, to share.



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  1. Eleanor
    Eleanor says:

    Love your food blog Tom.
    Really looks good (liked the music choice too!).
    I'm hungry already …
    Looking forward to the next instalment, Eleanor

  2. Tom Le
    Tom Le says:

    Thanks Eleanor! I think I will sprinkle in a few non-food posts as well, just to prove that I do think about things other than food once in a while! xxx

  3. Chaser
    Chaser says:

    Loving ur blog. When will u b talking about the finest food of them, Tangy Toms?!

    If u have trouble getting hold of any then I can ship some out as they sell them in my local corner shop.

    Keep up the eating n blogging

  4. Tom Le
    Tom Le says:

    Hey Ed. Ahhh, Tangy Toms – one of the best processed corn snacks (a close second to Space Raiders). I will be OD'ing on all kinds of quality food items such as these next month!

  5. Luiza Rocha
    Luiza Rocha says:

    Tom, adorei o blog, muito legal mesmo!! O meu post preferido foi o do ônibus, adorei a complexa explicação de como chamar um. hahaha Beijos!

    • tomlemes
      tomlemes says:

      Hi Susan – thanks! :) I hope you didn’t waste too much time, but glad you like! I’ve only just discovered your blog, but I love it already – it’s going on the list! Awww, I just saw that I’m already on your list – thanks! :)


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