The standard Brazilian beers are extremely light – good for a watery, refreshing drink when you’re suffering from the Rio heat, but not very exciting for people interested in beer with personality. However, sometime around 2012, the craft beer explosion finally hit Rio, and a lot of small local breweries starting appearing.

Today beer lovers have a lot of choice. Some of our favourites are listed below (also, check out Colarinho, Booze Bar, Bar da Frente, Adega Pérola):

Hocus Pocus DNA

Founded in Rio in 2014, Hocus Pocus makes some excellent beers including an excellent American Pale Ale named ‘APA Cadabra’ and a Belgian Strong Golden Ale called ‘Magic Trap’. Their labels feature crazy illustrations from local artist Daniel Gnattali. And if you see it on the menu, don’t miss the crazy/bizzare/amazing ‘High on Milk’, a milkshake IPA that has to be tasted to be believed.


Brewteco (Leblon, Gávea, Tijuca and Barra)

Take your pick from the 4 sites. Each has tasty snacks (plus more substantial offerings), cocktails, and (most importantly) lots and lots of draft beers to choose from.


Delirium Café

Lovers of Belgian beer: you are home. Here in the heart of Ipanema you can drink from a selection of 350 beers. Tasting selections and towers are also available. Belgian beers feature heavily of course, though local brews and other international imports are also available.

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