#EatRioLoves – Things to love about Rio

#EatRioLoves? What’s that all about? Well I’ll get to that in a moment, but first of all: Hello readers! I just took at look at the blog section of the Eat Rio site and realised that I hadn’t written any posts for a loooong time – it’s high time for an update.

The downturn in international travel was a total nightmare for my little company, but looking on the bright side, it gave me time to stop, take a step back and reassess a few things. There was time to think about how my team and I could make Eat Rio bigger and better when tourism got going again; time to plan other projects that might be interesting/rewarding; time to hang out with my puppy:

This is Muffy. She was part of an abandoned litter that was rescued from a favela. She has a collection of different ear configurations that she employs to make herself look even cuter (the ‘one up, one down’ is one of her favourites). You can see more of Muffy on Instagram under the tag #MuffyEatsRio.


Things to love about Rio

During the downtime, when I wasn’t reeling from the sheer cuteness of my little canine friend, I also found myself thinking about Rio: what does this city mean to me? What made me want to live here? And after 11 years in the Cidade Maravilhosa, what are the things that I still really love about this place?

There are plenty of things I liked about Rio from the get-go: the dramatic mountains; the beautiful forest located right there in the middle of city; the punchy caipirinhas seemingly available on every street corner; lazy, sunny days boozing on the beach.

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