Eat Rio Food Tours

Our fun and informative foodie experiences give you a delicious and authentic look at many different aspects of Rio’s culinary culture.

All our tours have been designed so that they can be booked separately or in combination and all are fully-inclusive: you just get to the meeting point and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Daytime walking food tour

5 Hours

Daytime Walking Food Tour

Our flagship tour and almost certainly the best thing you can do on your first full day in Rio!

  • On this walking food tour you’ll visit street markets, bars, restaurants, street food stalls, juice bars.
  • Taste a wide variety of food and drinks (juices, beers, caipirinhas and cachaça) from across Brazil, finishing up with a huge feast!
  • Explore some of Rio’s most interesting neighborhoods and learn how to get around the city safely.
  • NOTE: Sadly, we are not able to run any tours on the main days of carnival: February 10th-14th, 2024 (Saturday-Wednesday).

3 Hours

Brazilian Wine Experience

learn about (and drink) Brazilian wine with Eat Rio star guide and trained sommelier, Marcela de Genaro.

  • This afternoon Brazilian wine experience includes 6-7 very special Brazilian wines.
  • The 3 hour experience is hosted in the historic Port Zone region or beautiful Santa Teresa.
  • There’s food too! Marcela has carefully selected the perfect Brazilian dishes to be included in the experience – you won’t be drinking on an empty stomach!
  • Forget solemn, formal tastings – this is an easy-going, unpretentious experience suitable for anyone from casual drinker to serious enthusiast.
Eat Rio bar food tour

4 Hours

Evening Bar Food Tour

A super-fun night of boozy backstreet bar-hopping. Get away from the trashy tourist spots and discover some of Rio’s best bars and nightlife.

  • This bar tour starts at 7pm with food and drinks in a lively bar in Lapa.
  • From there we’ll take you right off the tourist trail and show you some of the coolest bars in the city.
  • At each stop there’ll be amazing drinks (beers, caipirinhas, batida fruit shots, cachaça and more).
  • You don’t drink on an empty stomach – we’ll be eating delicious bar food throughout the tour.
  • At the end of the night we’ll help you find an awesome bar/samba club to continue your night out or a taxi back to your hotel!
  • Note: Sadly we are not able to run these tours on the busiest days of carnival (8th-18th February 2024)

You Decide!

Custom Tour

Do you want a private tour experience, customized perfectly to focus on your specific interests? Just tell us what floats your boat and we’ll design the perfect food tour for you.

  • Focus on your specific interests and skip the stuff that doesn’t interest you.
  • We can create custom tours focused on craft beers, coffee, wine, cachaça/cocktails, street food, vegetarian/vegan and plenty more besides.
  • We are 100% flexible – change start time, duration, transport type (public/private), day/night tour, etc.
  • We’ve been creating custom food tours in Rio since 2013, including work with companies such as Netflix, NBC and ITV.