Bar do David achieved its fame as the prime example of what the press loved to call ‘Favela Dining’. While I’m not sure I like that term, I think visitors to Rio should know that not all favelas are the same and while many are best avoided, others are generally fine to visit. That said, I would always advise people to check with locals on the current situation in any favela and be sensible and respectful when entering any community like this. One general rule: don’t go taking photos of people without checking first.

OK, back to the Bar! Bar do David (sounds like ‘Bar do Davee’ when the locals say it) started out as a very simple place with a super-friendly owner (David Bispo) who made really interesting and delicious food. In recent years they have won lots of awards, including the prestigious Comida de Buteco bar food award. And in September 2019, they opened a new branch of Bar do David in Copacabana!

Top of the list of recommendations at either venue has to be the seafood feijoada, but honestly, I’ve never had anything here that I didn’t love.


  • Ladeira Ary Barroso, 66 – loja 3 – Chapéu Mangueira – Leme (map link)
  • Rua Barata Ribeira, 7 – Copacabana (map link)