One of my favourite bars in Rio, Bar do Gomes is officially called Armazém São Thiago, but you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who calls it that. Located in the heart of Santa Teresa, this ancient bar (founded in 1922) somehow manages to preserve lots of original features at the same time as being comfortable, relaxed and popular. The customers tend to be locals with a smattering of foreigners who’ve done their research, and the atmosphere is always friendly. Everyone comes here to drink some freezy-cold beer, sip a cachaça or two (they have a good selection – ask for envelhecida, i.e. aged) and snack on tasty bar food – simple!

It’s a great spot to hang out, people-watch and chat with friends. Don’t miss the delicious bolinhos – tasty fritters with various fillings, perfect for soaking up the booze!

Address: Rua Áurea, 26 – Santa Teresa (map link)