Established in 1939, Bar Urca is one of Rio’s must-visit bars, but try to go on a sunny day to get the full experience. Situated on the Urca peninsula, right next to Sugarloaf, it combines delicious seafood and snacks with great drinks and a beautiful view. Bar Urca has won the “Best View” category of the famous Veja food and drink awards (a hugely competitive category in a city as visually stunning as Rio).

The simple bar itself isn’t much to look at, but order your food and drinks and then take them up to the long sea wall just across the road. Here you’ll rub shoulders with the locals and take in the lovely views. The Caldinho de Frutos do Mar (a rich, thick seafood stew) is tasty, as are the pasteis (deep-fried, crispy pastries filled with shrimp, cheese or meat) and empadinhas (savoury pies).

Address: Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205 – Urca (map link)