The “CT” stands for Claude Troisgros, the owner of this and several other restaurants in Rio. Claude belongs to a very prestigious French family – his father and uncle invented nouvelle cuisine! The quality is plain to see when you walk in through the door – the decor is clean, unfussy and unpretentious. Clearly they are happy for the food to do the talking.

The starters include Spanish hams, watermelon carpaccio and other assorted French and Italian inspired goodies. But if you’re going to CT Boucherie you will most likely be thinking more about the top quality meat that will be the main event. Chateaubriand, Wagyu tenderloin and lamb chop are among the eye-catching choices, but if you can splurge then the Prime Rib Especial is amazing.

Of course the spotlight is on the meat, but in an interesting twist on the usual ‘all-you-can-eat’ meat rodizio, here it is the sides that are on constant rotation. Delicious vege side dishes such as purée of batata baroa, a delicious creamy, garlicky jiló dish and countless other tempting items appear at the table every 10 minutes or so. These side orders are so good that this temple to the carnivore actually makes a fantastic option for vegetarians who want more than just the standard kilo buffet experience.

If you’re looking for top quality meat then CT Boucherie is an excellent choice.