My perfect night out in Rio would finish up with a drunken me eating with a group of equally merry friends, packed around a table in Galeto Sat’s at 3am. For decades, people have come to Galeto Sat’s to enjoy some much-needed food and ‘one’ last drink after a night of fun and adventure in Rio.

A galeto is a small chicken, grilled over charcoal and popularly served up with rice, beans, farofa, molho a campanha (a zingy salsa of onions, tomatoes and peppers). There are plenty of galeto places in Rio, but Galeto Sat’s is different. On paper, it doesn’t sound like much – a small place on a slightly murky corner at the unfashionable end of Copacabana. Yet somehow it is perfect.

The galeto is, of course, excellent, but I’m more usually tempted by the picanha fatiada. The farofa de ovo is the best example of this dish I know – truly sublime when soaked in the juice from your steak and a good drizzle of fiery malagueta oil. The chicken hearts and garlic bread are also essential orders. One of the quintessential Rio experiences.

Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 7 – Copacabana