Oenophiles are often disappointed with find wine is either totally absent from bar and restaurant menus or that the options are extremely limited and overpriced. However, there are some great places to drink wine in Rio and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here is our selection of places those longing for vinho can get their fix.

Side note: Though not yet up to the scale of production of some of its neighbours, Brazil does in fact make some excellent wines and these are certainly worth hunting down.

Slow Bakery

A bakery with wine? Yes! Slow Bakery is not just a great place to get breakfast/brunch/lunch, but it is also has a great selection of Natural Wines. From Friday to Sunday, you might even spot Eat Rio star guide, Marcela, working there as their in-house sommelier.


Cave Nacional

Cave Nacional stocks exclusively Brazilian wines and operates both as a wine store and wine bar. The concept is interesting – rather than peruse a wine list, you are invited to enter their cellar and discuss the different options with a member of staff who will give you information and recommendations on the different wines (staff speak English so there’ll be no issues for non-Portuguese speakers).



This restaurant, located high in the hills of Santa Teresa, is often recommended as having one of the most breathtaking views in the city. What is less often mentioned is that they have a really impressive wine list. It’s not cheap, but if your wallet can take it then you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic wines to drink while you take in those amazing vistas.