This site is about Rio. What is it like to live here? What are the best things to do when you’re in town? Where should you eat and what are the culinary highlights? What do you need to know about Carnival?

Eat Rio is also about Brazil. How is Brazil changing? What is Brazilian music like? How hard is Brazilian Portuguese? What about Brazilian politics, history and culture?

But Eat Rio?

Hmmm, this is awkward. At first this was going to be solely a food blog, but I soon realised there were a million other things to say.

After expanding the site’s focus, I decided that to ‘Eat’ Rio was a pretty good metaphor for embracing and consuming all that is good about this diverse and fascinating city. Also, I had already paid for the domain name…

Food is still very much on the Eat Rio menu though. There are plenty of food (and drink!) related posts, a Rio Restaurant Guide and of course Eat Rio Food Tours!

What have I got for you?

If you’re preparing for a trip to Rio I’ve got ideas for Things to do and Safety Tips. For people learning Brazilian Portuguese, there are regular discussions and insights into the workings and idiosyncrasies of this rich and challenging language. If you’re coming for Carnival, there’s plenty of advice for you too.

For those of you who have fallen in love with the Cidade Maravilhosa but can’t be here in person, I write about the everyday aspects of life in Rio – the people I meet, the stories I hear, the street art and street food, the transport system, the World Cup and Olympic Games preparations, you name it. All served up with generous helpings of photography, video and discussion.

The Gringo View

Call me what you like – gringo, estrangeiro, expat – one thing I’m not is Brazilian, and I’m OK with that. I came to this country with fresh eyes, an international perspective and a whole lot of curiosity. Many of the everyday things that Brazilians take for granted strike me as extraordinary and I want to tell the world.

About me

Hello, I’m Tom Le Mesurier. I’m at the back-end of my 30s and despite the French-sounding surname, I’m British.

Back in 2009, I left my life in London and set off for an adventure in Latin America. There were thrills, spills and a rather magnificent ending in which I found myself getting married and settling permanently in Rio de Janeiro (all the best stories end that way don’t they?).

As the travelling adventure drew to a close, a new and even more challenging adventure began – building a new life in Brazil. Today I live in Santa Teresa, working as a food and travel writer and a culinary guide. I spend the rest of my time blogging about Rio and doing my best to enjoy the Carioca life to the full!

If you want to contact me, please use the Contact form. Thanks!