Dec 19

Brazilian Brands: Paçoquita

Regular readers may be aware that I’m not a big fan of super-sweet things. I do like chocolate (I’m not completely crazy), but the really sweet things like Brigadeiro are a little too much for me.

With that in mind, it may come as a surprise to hear that I rather like today’s Brazilian brand.




Name: Paçoquita (‘passo-KEE-ta’)

Product: Paçoca (‘pa-SOCK-a’).

Description:  First let me explain that Paçoca is the generic name for a super-sweet, crumbly sweet made from ground peanuts, sugar and salt (and sometimes that Brazilian favourite, sweetened condensed milk). Paçoquita is surely the best known brand of paçoca. The website is slightly vague about when the Paçoquita brand was established, but it looks to have been someone in the 1980s. Today they are commonly found in a small basket or bowl next to the cash register in Kilo restaurants, gas stations and Casas de Sucos (juice bars). The bright yellow, matchbox sized brick has striking red lettering with a chirpy looking peanut man on the side.

Verdict: As I said in the introduction, I quite like Paçoquita. The combination of sweet and salty flavours works well. I can’t really tell you if it’s good or bad compared to other brands of Paçoca as I haven’t tried (or even seen) any other brands.


Sweet, salty, crumbly, good.


What I can tell you is that while one is delicious, attempting to eat a second will probably make you feel sick. As for the little peanut man character, I rather liked him until I saw this, surely the most annoying advert in the world:


 This makes me want to stamp on happy Senhor Amendoim…


The Paçoquita website includes a “Recipes” section with ideas like crumbling the peanutty goodness over ice-cream – sounds pretty good right? However, for a product clearly aimed at l kids, I was surprised to find a recipe for a Paçoquita Batida that they call Batiquita:

Place the following ingredients in a blender: 1 can of condensed milk, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 cup of cachaça, 12 ice cubes, 4 Paçoquitas. Blend it up then drink it down! Hmmm, maybe I’ll try it this weekend – look out Rio!



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  1. Thais

    I love your posts!!

    1. tomlemes

      Thanks Thais! 😀

  2. Karin

    you justnmade one paçoquita-loving brazilian in exile smile with saudades…

    1. tomlemes

      Awww, that’s lovely Karin! Mission accomplished :)

  3. Lilian Tomyama

    Great Post! You should try ‘Paçoca Amor’ . It is very popular in SP.

    1. tomlemes

      Thanks Lilian – and thanks for the tip. I just Googled it – that is some very cool packaging!

  4. Alex

    I have to admit, I don’t really like these. But it’s probably because I’m not a big peanut fan….

    Although I’d surely try the alcoholic beverage, I’m not crazy 😉

    1. tomlemes

      I can see that if you’re not into peanuts then it would be tough to get enthusiastic about these!

      I will report back on the results of Batiquita! 😀

  5. Ana Fonseca

    Paçoca for me is in the same category of maria-mole, bananada, pé-de-moleque… Cheap sweets from botecos. It is easy to prepare: http://www.chucrutecomsalsicha.com/archives/2010/05/nos_pacoca.html

    1. tomlemes

      Hi Ana, I know what you mean – those sweets all sit in the same category don’t they? Of all that you mentioned, paçoca is easily my favourite!

  6. The Gritty Poet

    The peanut in the video should be submitted to some serious waterboarding, and then to a cavity search.

    1. tomlemes

      What are you? Some kind of Noz-ochist? Fair enough though, he deserves it…

  7. The Gritty Poet

    Btw Merry Christmas. Here is my gift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7hHx7gdN68
    I just love that song, hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me, still after all these years. :-)
    Feliz Natal dude.

    1. tomlemes

      Cheers Gritty, Feliz Natal to you too! I will listen to it when I get to work :)

  8. Brae

    Oh my – I LOVE Paçoquita. Last time I was in Brazil I bought some to bring back as gifts and ate it all before I could hand it out. Opps.

    1. tomlemes

      Ha ha ha! I imagine you brushing off the final paçoca crumbs and thinking “They wouldn’t have appreciated them like I do…” 😉

  9. Eva

    There are definitely other brands of this that are sold at Mundial, but I’ve never been able to taste a difference. One of the reasons I love these is they taste like the center of Reeses cups (an American candy). Speak for yourself about feeling sick after attempting to eat a second one, Tom, I always feel great haha.

    1. tomlemes

      2 Paçocas?! Woah, respect! 😀

      I love Reese’s Cups! Such a good combo of salty and sweet – yum!

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