Eat Rio in Mexico City

Hola from Mexico everyone! Just a quick update because if I spend too long on the computer, Mrs Eat Rio will kill me! Still, I think I’ve just got time to show you the ridiculously delicious dish we tried yesterday lunchtime. This is Cochinita Pibil:


Pork that has been marinated in bitter orange juice and then slow roasted. Served on a banana leaf.


But wait, that’s just the start. Next come these awesome sauces and pickled onions:


Tangy pickled red onions, hot serrano chilli sauce on the left, searingly hot habanero sauce on the right.


Now you just construct the dish by putting all the ingredients onto little corn tortillas. End result: delicious.


Roll it up and eat.


Now I have to say I feel like a bit of a newbie for never having heard of this dish before (quite a few people have seen the photos on Facebook and said “Yes, my favourite!”, etc), but more than anything I’m just happy to have discovered it. Big thanks to Nicholas Gillman, the Chief Chowzter for Mexico City, for this and many other recommendations on his Chowzter page.

OK, I’d better stop now before Mrs Eat Rio gets properly grumpy – we are on holiday after all! I am going to try to wake up early tomorrow so I can tell you guys about the food tour we went on today. It involved seafood tostadas, spicy grasshoppers, the most zingy snack I’ve ever encountered and an amazing Heath Robinson-style taco making/baking machine (with video evidence).

I’ll leave you with a shot of the seafood tostadas we picked up from a street corner food stand – so, so good!



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    • tomlemes
      tomlemes says:

      Hi Diane! Thanks so much for the offer – if you have any recommendations for places to eat or for a place to drink mezcal and/or tequila, that would be great!


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